The Training of Melissa

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The Training of Melissa

Melissa was a truly sexy woman. At just 5 feet tall, and 22 years old, she was a reasonably successful account rep who moonlighted as stripper for extra money. She loved the attention from men, as well as the money, but by now she took them for granted. She could be a slut or a tease, depending upon her mood, and she despised men, because they were willing to give up so much money for the faint hope that she would sleep with them. This added up to an arrogant attitude, which ill became her beauty.

Her office had mostly women on the staff, but there were 5 men. One of them was Frank, a heavy-set man in his late 20s. Melissa did not really understand Frank, and she even thought that he might be gay, because he made no indications of lust or interest, except the possible hint of an occasional stare. As a matter of fact, he kept things strictly professional. The only time he spoke to her about something outside of work was when he asked her why she had ignored his courteous wish that she have a "good evening" once. She replied that he was simply not heard because he had not said her name. That seemed particularly presumptious to him. 

One day, however, Melissa saw his pants while he was working in a stand-up position, and noticed his bulge, which was not only erect, but also rather large. She was startled that this seemingly asexual being, as far as she understood him, was indeed capable of lust, and that, if he acted on his desires, he could impress any girl. This made her look at him in a different light. What if, she asked herself, she did it with him? What would happen, if anything? 

She determined to find out, and so the next day, as he was working at his station, she approached him and asked, "Frank, why dont you ever show any interest in me? Are you gay- that seems unlikely, since I saw your /erection/">erection yesterday when I was around you. What is the deal, since youre clearly not a eunuch?" Frank simply grinned and responded, "Melissa, you dont get it! You are used to male attention, so if I go around drooling like the rest of those idiots every time I see you, I would just be another one of your hopeless admirers or sugar daddies- a pawn to you, nothing more! This way, I have the leverage, since you now want me more than I want you. So, since we want to fuck each other, what price are you willing to cough up for the privilege?" Melissa was stunned- here this guy was making demands on her, handing down an ultimatum to her! How dare he, but at the same time, how intriguingly powerful! She knew that she wanted that thing inside her for sure, and that, for once, she was going to pay for the sex.

She quickly replied, "Frank, I have to admit that youve got me- for the 1st time in years, a man has something over me- what do I have to do? I just want to fuck you- Ill do anything you ask- set your terms, Frank, because I will meet them in detail! Just fuck me, please, Frank, with that dick of yours." Frank now grinned from ear to ear, and said, "Melissa, the price is simple- that body of yours, for life! You are to be my bitch, my /slave/slave-girl/">slave girl, and you fail to prove sufficiently obedient to all of my commands, I will punish you ultimately by terminating the sex! I will own your cunt, your ass, and your mouth, making you share me with other girls and guys, and using those pretty parts of yours to service them as well. You will be my /whore/">whore-slave, and satisfy my desires, or thats it. Agreed, my little bitch? Sign away your freedom, forever, or give up any hope of my cock fucking you!" Melissa knew that she was going to pay dearly if she accepted his terms, but right now, she did not care- she wanted him to fuck her hard, and get her wet, and she would gladly trade her freedom for the chance to do it with him- just once! At least, this way, she would get fucked by him more than that! She silently nodded her consent, and Frank immediately informed that her 1st task would to service his needs in the bathroom, where she would be his release, taking his cum, and then his urine in her mouth.

Melissa had never been made to drink someones piss before, but now she would have to do it, because her new /master/">master commanded it. She quietly followed him to the mens room, where she knelt as he dropped his pants in the never-used handicapped stall. She was then ordered to suck his cock until he came in her mouth. "Melissa, from now on, I will not need to masturbate during break, because you will be on duty, ready to suck me off. Is that clear, my bitch?", he asked. She nodded yes, and then proceeded to do her job, sucking his member to hardness, and then letting him shoot off into her mouth. She made a point of doing the maximum oral work she could, licking and kissing his cock, as well as sucking on it, and even sucking his balls. He was pleased with her at last, his new bitch, who was beginning to learn her real place in society- that of the proper slave girl!

Once he was free from the pressure in his testicles, he decided to relieve his bladder too. He commanded her to drink his urine, saying, "Melissa, this is a just humiliation for a woman who thinks herself better than men, that she should fully serve their every necessity and desire. Now drink my piss, bitch!" She obediently opened her mouth again, and took all of his golden liquid waste, as he poured it down her throat. She was positively surprised that it did not taste so /bad/">bad after all- it was a lot like beer, in fact! Even so, after he had emptied his bladder, he told her to go to stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv the girls room and wash her mouth out, since he could never kiss lips stained with urine- even his own. She was informed that she would have to wait until after work for him to fuck her- again in the same stall in the mens room. She was to fully digest the urine in the mean time, and not puke up, or he would not kiss her at all!

Sure enough, Melissa made a damned good effort to keep it down, so that by the end of the day, her body had absorbed the poison, which simply turned into more urine inside her own body. When the time came for her to clock out, she went straight to the mens room, and found no one there yet. She knew, however, that Frank would get there, and she decided to wait for them. She was right, in just 5 minutes, Frank came into the stall and closed the door, locking it. He told her to drop her pants and bend over, so she complied, and he pulled down her undies, revealing her naked butt. He then ordered, "Melissa, put your hands behind your back, and brace yourself for the rest of your orientation as my slave. This is day one of your new life of bondage, so enjoy it thoroughly, and yield yourself to both pleasure and pain, as you will experience both." Melissa indeed put her hands behind her, and prepared for what was clearly going to be more fun for him than for her.

Frank took out his hand-cuffs and used them on her wrists, and she winced from pain, as the steel bracelets were too tight on her. That was nothing next to the rest of the agony she was about to feel, as Frank brought out his makeshift whip, made of a useless cable cord. This whip, Frank knew from having tested it on himself, would sting her rather well. He lifted it for the 1st lash, telling her, "Accept this punishment well, and you will be fucked to our mutual satisfaction. Whimper, and I will just add more pain! You will not make a sound- is that clear?" Melissa nodded and grimaced, as the ad hoc flagellum struck her buttocks repeatedly, with no indication as to when they would stop hitting her. Soon, she was so red with welts, that she thought she could not take another lash without wailing or bleeding. He seemed to sense her predicament, and, while laughing at her torture, he finally stopped it. That did not mean an end to the agony, however, since he just fondled the sore cheeks of her ass, and then stuck each of his fingers inside her cunt. After a few swats across the bottom as a reminder of his right to punish and hurt her, he mounted her doggie-style right there in the stall, without even seeming to care that the weight of his body pressed against her wounded tush was making the fucking as painful white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie as it was pleasurable. 

Frank rode Melissa hard for about 6 minutes, in a quickie designed to make both of them come ASAP. She screamed her delight as his cock was beginning to make up for the smarting cheeks of her bottom. He was using her as he wished, and rewarding her for her faithful service during that morning and afternoon. She realized that her new life was going to be a lot after all. Just then, Frank found that he was about to come, and so he pulled out of her cunt, and started to pump his pussy-soaked cock, making it ejaculate onto her now pink-colored, healing buns. "Youll have to earn the privilege of my /semen/">semen inside your pussy, and that will take some time, Melissa. Until then, whenever I fuck your cunt, I will use the coitus interruptus method of birth control, since youre not ready to have a child until I say so. Naturally, you will get to feel my cum inside your ass, since I love to ejaculate in a womans butt. Behave yourself, and you will reach that place of honor among slaves- seniority, which comes with time and good, loyal service." Frank, you see, had many slaves, and Melissa was just the most recent addition to that group. 

All that Melissa knew that was her other job would go even better, now that she had a /secret/sexy-secret/">sexy secret to turn her on as she gave lapdances and twirled around the pole. She would think of her /hot/hot-new/">hot new master, Frank, who had taught her what was her rightful place as a woman, which meant being the slave that was always buried deep inside her- she just needed a catalyst- her beloved Frank. As she thought about all of these things, she did not even notice that Frank had entered her rectum, and was fucking it with a powerful momentum. She soon realized that she was being buggered, however, when he pinched her ass, and pulled her hair, whispering to her, "Well, bitch, your master is using your ass, and you are taking it quite well. Keep up the good work, and just go with the rhythm of my penis, which will soon fill your butt with my come. Look out, slave, here comes the final thrust." The last shove of his dick into her bottom indeed came, and it was so great, despite the dull pain she now felt in her anus and hips, that she discovered that she was automatically about to cum from the impact. 

At the end of the fucking session, with her ass covered with hot semen, Melissa looked at her stern master, as he spoke to her rather austerely, "Melissa, from now on, in this stall, and everywhere else that we meet outside of work, you will came me Master, and I will address you as Slave, reminding you that you had to become my property before I fucked you, rather than getting to have casual sex first, unlike other girls, because you were too arrogant for your own good and had to be instructed in your station by a true superior. Come here and sign this paper, giving your written and permanent consent to my domination of your person. Sign it, you naughty little slave bitch!" Signing it was the most natural thing in the world for Melissa now, as well as calling Frank "Master", since she already thought of him as precisely that- her master.