A Wish Almost Come True

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A Wish Almost Come True

It was a long night at work. Sometimes things just don't go right! She was just glad the day was finally over so she could go home and rest some. Once again she would have to spend the night alone because her life-partner was still working out of town. She understood but missed him a lot, this was her usual night to come home and awaken him with one of her perfect blow-jobs. Then enjoy the way he ate her pussy till she came, leading to a nice restful sleep next to him. She was hot thinking about it on the drive home, but cool with the AC blowing on her full blast because even though it was just after midnight, it was still a hot and humid July night. 

The ride home was uneventful as it is most nights. The music on the radio broke the loneliness of the drive. Tonight there were even some good songs to sing to. She noticed again the dropping price of gas and wondered, no wished it would just get to one price and stay there. The truck made the last turn onto their street, only a few more yards till she was home. As she made the left into the drive she noticed the light on the shop was off. Not thinking it was too odd as the thing has a mind of it's own anyway, she drove to her normal spot to park the truck. By now the light on the side of the home should have come on to illuminate her walk into the house, but it too had not come on. The porch light that she was sure she flipped on also was not burning. Well this is a pretty safe neighborhood so she was not too worried. Most of the people on the block kept to themselves, but if something would happen, could they hear her screams?

The radio died as she turned the truck off, after looking around to make sure no one was lurking about. The guy next door is a little strange and they were both a bit weary of him. Light shone now as she opened the door and started to get out, wondering if it would go off like it was suppose to or stay on like it had been doing lately. As she shut the door it went out, just my luck she thought as she turned to walk around the truck and ascend the stairs to the house. Sweat is starting to dampen her back and a drop trickled down her neck and started to roll between her breasts. She can't wait to get into the cool house.

Suddenly a hand grabs her mouth! Instinctively she reaches for it and tries to twist away from whatever has this hold on her. A voice cuts the still of the night and commands her to be still so she doesn't get hurt. Her struggle can't stop, I must get away, why is this happening to me! Another hand wraps itself around her grabbing her right breast. She tries to scream out but the other hand is still on her mouth and she can only mumble her despair. Who is this person? Why is he doing this to me? Will he kill me? Should I fight or just let him take me and get it over with? Once again the voice whispers into her ear to be still or it would be a lot worse. He knew he could do for her something that no-one had ever done before. But what? Rape!!!?

Still fighting, she feels herself being lifted slightly and dragged back towards the truck she just left. The warm hood stings her forearms as whoever has control forces her, bent at the waist over it. A hand is still pawing at her breast as it also holds her from any attempt of escape. Again the voice tells her to calm down. A thought comes to her now. What if I relax a little and let him think I am giving in? Maybe then I could get somewhere to get help! He tells her he will release the hand from her mouth, but if she screams she will surely die. Nodding her understanding of what she is told, the hand is removed. 

Able to catch her breath now, but still forced to bend over the warm hood, she asks "What do you want?" "You!", is the only reply followed by a hard squeeze of her breast. More orders are barked out to her in a deep voice. "Do not look at me. Do EXACTLY as you are told so you don't get hurt. Any attempt to scream or hurt me will cost you your life! Do you understand?" Whimpering she agrees and is told to close her eyes and turn around leaving her back on the hood of the truck. Before she closes her eyes a metallic sound is made and she sees the knife that could be used on her if she doesn't obey. Fearing for her life she decides to do as she is told. 

The position on the truck is uncomfortable at best, but in the back of her mind she is reminded of the time she and he boyfriend made love on the front deck and he ate her as she arched her back in pleasure over the rail. This wont be anything like that. This is not the man she loved, but maybe thinking of those times might help get through this night. Again ordered not to open her eyes, two hands now force their way under her shirt to her breast. Slipping under her bra they kneed at them, pinching her nipples just like she likes her b/f to do them. His knuckles pop the cups of her bra up and expose her flesh to his attack, and eases the pressure on the band that ties around her back. "I wish I had more front close bras." she thinks as her nipples are both suddenly pulled up sending a chill of excitement down to her pussy.

Knowing that she shouldn't feel this way she tries to put the thoughts of pleasure out of her mind, but it is so hard to do when her nipples are pulled like that. Straight up and then dropped only to be pinched again and raised and twisted hard. Still afraid to open her eyes she feels the snap of her jeans being unbuttoned. Instinctively she flinches and tries to pull away. Again the hard gravelly voice booms "Keep still and your eyes closed!" Her body, old waman xxxgx still tries to resist and a stinging pain jolts her when he slaps her ass. Tensing up she whimpers "OK!" as the assault continues. He continues to unsnap her paints, then lowers her zipper. Reminding her to be still he orders her to lower her paints to the ground. This reveals her blue "boy short" panties, the kind her B/F loves. If it was a normal Thursday he would be home and she would be sucking his cock right now, tasting his pre-cum and getting ready to have her pussy eaten. She loved waking him up like that. Not tonight though, he wasn't home and this stranger was and she would have to think so I tell him when he gets home or what?

The intruder takes her shirt now and lifts it up over her head but leaves her arm in it's sleeves, and let's it down behind her head, trapping her arms where she can't do anything with them. She might as well be tied she thinks. Escape is useless now. Running would only make her /trip/">trip with her paints at her ankles and the shirt held her arms tightly. As told she keeps her eyes tightly closed to where it almost hurts. Listening closely to every sound, trying to see if she can hear a sound that might reveal who her assailant is. Another ripping noise is heard! Oh my god! he is pulling down his zipper! That other sound must have been his belt he was undoing, she knew she had heard that same sound once before, but where?

Sudden pain again! The hand now has her by the hair! Pulling her face close to his the voice again speaks. "On your knees /bitch/">bitch! Suck my cock and don't dare bite it! Let's see if you know how to do that!" With that said her body is shoved down to the stony driveway. Her knees almost slam into the rough ground but he is holding her so tight by the hair at the nape of her neck it saves her from what surly would be a lot of pain. Opening her eyes to see what this cock is like is very tempting but she thinks better of it. All she needs is for her B/F to come home and find her lifeless naked body in the drive. The head of his cock seems like it appears out of nowhere, prying apart her lips. "Open bitch!" he commands, and she obeys.

The taste of his pre-cum swirls over her taste buds. It is a taste she is used to and loves. Her only desire is to once again get he B/F to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth like he did that night. She loves the taste of cum, but not like this. She would rather be able to stroke and look at the cock she has to suck and try to make cum. Now the other hand joins the hair grabbing and she feels he face pressed against his belly. She gags as she didn't have time to gasp for a breath of air. It's not that his cock is so big, it is just getting hard from the feel of it in her mouth. He then pulls her back so she can get a chest full of air before he plows his hardening cock back into her throat. "Now just suck it baby! Pretend I'm your old man that probably can't even get it up anymore! He won't give you what I will tonight." Her tongue and lips caress the head of the cock just like she is told. 

Her mouth can feel his pulse racing along the vanes of his cock. Is he ready to cum? Will he leave me alone if he does? Pain once again rips through her head as he lifts her up by the hair and again forces her over the now cooling truck hood. The cooler hood presses her breast flat with the help of his body weight over her. One of the hands now is groping between her legs. Her panties are now ripped away form her waist leave a mark where the fabric did not rip away fast enough. How would she explain that to her B/F? Even keeping her Knees together like a school girl on her first date can't stop the probing fingers from entering her damp pussy.

Yes damp pussy. Deep down inside she finds all of this exciting. Like most /women/">women, even though they never admit it, rape is one of their favorite fantasies. She was not afraid to share her fantasies with her B/F though. Unlike the others he listened and tried to make them come true for her and she loved him for that. Rape was one of her fantasies. She often wondered what it would be like. She had said something about it to others but it wasn't real because she always knew the time and place and who it was. This is real! This is scary! This is the real thing and not what she had in mind!

Reminded not to resist or open her eyes the fingers are pushing deeper and deeper into her hole. A thumb caresses her clit sending unwanted shocks through her body. Or are they unwanted? By now, if he was home, it would be her B/F's tongue sending those shocks. /hard/hot-hard/">hot hard skin is now pushing into the folds of her pussy. His cock! With a hand, fingers still entwined in her hair holding her down, she feel him enter her deeply. She yelps not sure though if it is from pleasure shock or pain. He rapidly pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. The head pressing against her "G" spot, just like her B/F's cock does. "You like that don't you /whore/">whore?" he asks as he impales her with is cock. In and out, fast then slow, short stokes then long. 

He won't last long she thinks. A few minutes latter he removes himself from her. Feeling empty now she longs to have something finish her off. Cum? NO NO this is rape it isn't suppose to feel good! Warm breath is now felt on her ass cheeks. What now she wonders. Then she knows. The gravely voiced man places his tongue into her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. licking and wetting it, but why? Most men won't do that, though it is something she secretly enjoys. It is so nasty and most people think it is so wrong but she enjoys the feeling and also doing it to her man. But why is he doing it? Now a finger, no two she thinks make their way into her ass. What is next? Now she knows!

Usually she doesn't mind /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex but that is when there is a lot of lube. Will a little spit from this man do the job? The head of his cock presses against her puckered hole and she pleads with him to stop. He doesn't! So she asks him to go slow. He doesn't! Pumping into her ass like he was her pussy he has his way with her. Her breast are starting to hurt a bit from being forced so hard on the truck. Ohhhhh she cries, not letting her attacker know that it is a cry of pleasure. A warm feeling comes over her as his cum fills her back side. Leaning over her now and painting he asks " How was that bitch? Now I am leaving! I will be watching you and I want you to stay just as you are for five Minuit's. Don't look anywhere or open your eyes. You have been a good whore tonight so I will let you live." With that she heard some resulting of leave on the ground. He must be going through the woods to the other rode she imagined. Maybe a snake would get him, or he will trip on a fallen branch in the dark!

Five minuets seemed like five hours. Wiggiling out of her shirt she pulled her paints back up and walke half naked into the house. She went into the bed room and sat on the bed wondering if she should tell anyone about this. she took her bra the rest of the way off and heard a noise at the back door. Sure that she locked it as she came in. "Hay baby where are you at?" came a voice she knew well. Her B/F! What is he doing home? Why couldn't he have come sooner? Will he notice any marks on me? 

He walks into the bedroom where she is sitting now naked on the bed. "Supprise baby! We worked stright through and got done so we came home tonight! Dam you look good! I sure have missed you!" Mustering a smile she nods and says she missed him too and wished he had gotten home sooner so bokep sma pecah perawan she could awaken him as always. Kneeling on the floor he spreds her legs and starts to put his face in it's favorite place. She tries to stop him, but is week from fighting the rapest. He will notice the marks, the wetness of my pussy and the cum now leeking out of my ass and I will be up shit creek cause he will think I have been fooling around are the thoughts racing through her now wearry mind. 

His tongue finds its spot and then the suction that he does so well starts to send the sparks she loves so much. Still excited from what happened just a few /feet/">feet outside she cums quickly for the touch of his tongue. How could he not notice the cum or my wetness she wonders. After her orgasim subsides, he rolls her over on to her belly. Now for sure he will see and start asking questions! He grabs her hair just like the rapest did. Then his hand covers her mouth, just like her attacker. The he whispers softly in her ear "Close your eyes and do as I say and you wont get hurt!" And now she knows that the man that loves her so has fufilled another dream. They hold and kiss then fall asleep feet touching as always.