Miss High Society

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Miss High Society

Everybody knows sometimes peoples lives are not always what they seem. If you ask anybody in the big city of Nashville if they knew Mrs. Madison Mcdaniels, they would probably say ?yeah, who doesn?t?? Mrs. Mcdaniels is the mayors wife, she is head of the PTA, she is the soccer mom you see every day. Madison is more like a modern day Barbie, she has it all. She is beautiful, long naturally blond hair with a body most mothers would die for. Of course, we would have to think the good surgeon Dr Griffin for the double D breast that she loves to flaunt. She doesn?t have to go to the tanning bed because she was blessed with a natural glow. She was born into money, her granddaddy invested in oil a long time ago. They owned miles of oil fields in the Appalchia. She drove a cherry red Chrysler 300, which she had custom made just for her. She was a little on the conceited side, so she thought the car matched her hot bod and feisty personality. Madison and her husband Timothy, the mayor, have two children Mally and Timothy Jr. She adored her life, husband and children. Timothy Mcdaniels, was the prime catch. He was handsome, had a tanned muscular body, dark ethnic features, and it didn?t hurt that he came with his own money! His family was heavily invested and owned a large hotel chain. Her wealth and his combined, she felt as if they were unstoppable.

Today was the day of the big game and as Madison was getting her son Timothy Jr. ready her cell phone began to ring. She ran to her Dolce Gabbana bag and rummaged through it. When she found her new pink Blackberry she looked at the caller id, it was unknown. She stepped outside of the room and answered her phone,? Hello?. Instantly she recognized the caller ,?How are you babe, are we still gonna meet tonight?? It was Dillon Riley, only one of the men of her many affairs. ?Yes honey, I just have to wait til my sons game is over, and I?ll be right their? she answered. ?Ill be waiting,?he said and /hung/">hung up. Madison played it off, and returned to her normal trophy wife routine. She loved her husband but, he was never around since he became Mayor. He was out of town a lot, and sometimes she suspected he was doing his own thing too. Madison felt as though she had the upper hand if he was cheating. She felt as long as she was taken care of and her kids were happy, she didn?t care what he did. He knew where home was, and she felt as though she couldn?t be replaced.

The game was over quickly, so after treating the kids to Mcdonalds, they were dropped off with their grandma. It was time for Madison to play. That is what she called it playing, her sexual tryst with other men. She was a sexaholic, she couldn?t get enough. She wanted sex morning, noon and night. It couldn?t be explained, sometimes she would try to stop and just be faithful, but it never worked. One man was just not enough for her.

Dillon was one of her favorites, he was tall, dark and handsome. He was the first black man she had ever had sex with. He was so good, that she didn?t know why it took so long. He was a state trooper, and they had met one day at the courthouse. She had went in to take Timothy some lunch, but she come out with some chocolate dessert! His sex was so rough, he liked to pull her hair and /spanking/ass-spanking/spank-her-ass/">spank her ass and she couldn?t gat enough of it. As she pulled into the motel parking lot, she walked into their usual room 225. He was already their waiting for her. She walked into the room and their he was, her dessert, laid stretched out on the bed. His manhood was already stretched to attention, ready for her, and she couldn?t wait. She tore alain lyle porn her clothes off and gently joined him on the bed. She eased on top of him and they started kissing. She worked her way from the lips down to the neck. She kept on licking his chest, his abdomen, and on down. She finally reached her favorite spot, his cock was a good 8 inches. It was hard as a rock, nice and thick. She took it in her hands and licked around the head of his penis and worked her way down the shaft. She cupped his balls and gently massaged them. She took them into her mouth as well and he moaned with pleasure. She gently stroked his penis, while sucking his balls. All the while he had his hand on her hair, pulling. Which was making her oh so much hotter and he knew this. She got up and he told her ?bend over and let me show you how much daddy missed this pussy? and she obeyed. She bent over and he pushed that long black cock inside her /pussy/sweet-pussy/sweet-pink-pussy/">sweet pink pussy. She moaned ? fuck me Dillon, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder?, and he did ,just as she demanded. All the while pulling that long blond hair, the more pain, the hotter Madison became. He pounded and pounded until he couldn?t anymore. He was about to come, when she pulled it out and took the head into her mouth and drank all the come. They lay there for a few minutes and Madison decided it was time to go. Dillon was a great fuck, but that was all she came for. He knew the deal and so did she. She went on home as if nothing ever happened and she did it well.

When she arrived home, Timothy was there. He didn?t ask her where she had been, he just figured she was over one of her girlfriends houses. He knew sometimes they could spend hours gossiping, he had saw them do it. He didn?t question Madisons actions much, she took care of him and his family well. The sex was great, she always had no problem pleasing him, anytime that he wanted it. Sometimes it seemed like she couldn?t get enough!

The next day after the kids were gone to school and Timothy was at the office, the house was too quiet. Madison decided it was time for her to go play! She called her other playmate, Greg. Greg was totally different from Dillon. Greg loved to eat pussy, and he would lay up and eat her pussy all day if she let him. Today she felt like letting him! He was a handsome white hunk if shed ever seen one. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a nice body. She didn?t know why he was still single. They decided to meet in an hour, so she had time to get herself together. She drove over to his house. He had a big two car garage, so she could easily hide her car inside. Although he lived alone, and wasn?t married. He was a /friend/good-friend/">good friend of the family and people would wonder why her car was their for a few hours. She went in and he walked her to the bedroom. He helped her get out of her clothes. He was already naked as a jay bird! She laid down and he assumed the positon. He got in between her legs and was ready to feast! He parted her lips and began devouring her pussy. He licked and sucked and she moaned with so much pleasure. This man gave her the /oral/best-oral/best-oral-sex/">best oral sex she had ever had, and he knew it. She came to see him atleast twice a week, if any /women/">women want some good therapy, this is the best. Greg would take his tongue and put it inside her pussy and before you know it, she was grinding up and down trying to fuck it. She put her hands on his head and grinded that pussy all over his face. He kept on and on, until she came over and over. He had her running from the tongue. Sometimes her orgasms were so strong she thought she would piss on herself. He loved it, and that was all he wanted to do. He got up and put his dick in and came within one minute. Madison didn?t come over for dick anyway, so she didn?t mind that he couldn?t give her too much.
Later that night, as the family sat at home. Madison begin thinking, something has really got to give. I guess you could say deceiving Timothy was really starting to eat away at her. He was really a good man. He worked hard to take care of his family. He loved her unconditionally obviously, but he didn?t know indian santali xvideo of all her indiscretions. She just wondered is their a middle line to all this? Did Timothy have fantasies of his own that needed to be filled? She thought instead of giving up all my playing, maybe their was a middle ground. So after the kids went to bed, she approached Timothy. She had a nice soothing bath, she smelled of cucumber melon. She put on one of her new Victoria Secret teddys, and fixed her hair just the way Timothy liked it. He was already sitting on the bed.