Office party 4

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Office party 4

We all maid our way to a hotel near our office where about forty staff had a sit down lunch in a private room, the wine and beer flowed freely during meal and everyone was getting slowly pissed out of their minds. I was single at the time and the regional managers secretary was also un married but did have a boyfriend.

Sue was asked by her boss to dress up in a father Christmas dress to give out the gifts. She looked stunning in the mini dress which fitted her perfect figure the most of the staff were men and none could stop flirting with her. She did her job well giving out gifts and giving a kiss to all. By late afternoon gradually those attending started to leave as various lifts arranged for them arrived. I was due to catch a train but in no hurry kept drinking and talking. Finally there was just Sue and I left with a drink and I said to her how was she getting home. She replied I am not I booked a room here because my /xxx/xxx-dad/">xxx dad is passing this way tomorrow so is collecting me then. She said i told no one because some of that lot would have wanted to share my bed, I smiled.

She said she would sleep of the booze overnight. I then noticed she was so close her thigh was hard against mine and I commented how good she had looked today in the ideal dress she smiled and said did it turn me on as well as my married colleagues. I blushed and said yes I guess it did. She then downed her drink and said in a whisper she felt horny did I fancy staying the night. I gulped and said it was a great offer I called my home and said I would not arrive full hd xvideo download back until tomorrow.

We used the lift and arrived at her door she had her arm through mine and we staggered into her room she pushed door shut and turned around with her back to me and said please undo my zip I nervously dropped the zip and the free porn movies download dress fell to floor. This exposed her perfect shape with a small red bra and red knickers. My /indian/indian-dick/">indian dick was like a rock and not having had a fuck in months was bursting to cum. I then released her bra straps and let my hands come around to caress her firm tits. Her nipples by now rock hard tweeted under my thumbs with her giving a low moan.

She leaned back and pushed her hips so that her bum rested on my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. She turned and released my trouser and let out my more than ample cock. she stared for a moment and said to think we have worked together for two years and I did not know you had such a wonderful cock she removed her by now wet knickers and gently licked the length and tip of my /erection/">erection. She said please no further waiting just fuck me. I turned her over the bed edge and entered her soaked clit with ease. She yelled with pleasure begging me to turn up the speed as Thrust my length I could feel I was going to burst inside her. She felt my /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum mix with her erupting juices she was on cloud nine.

Despite the drink she said thanks and hope you can keep that up tonight. She said things had not been good with her boyfriend and he had not fucked her in a while. Within minutes my cock was up for it again and this time she sat on top of me and bounced onto my cock with her wonderful tits slapping onto my chest with each rise and fall.

We did it twice more before sleeping and then fucked in the shower before breakfast we parted agreeing we would fuck again soon. I will reveal more in next story