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TJ Maxx provides the option of a TJX Reward Credit Card for paying bills. However, to make any bill payments, you are required to first register you TJMAXX Rewards Credit Card. The TJMaxx Credit Card is a Platinum Mastercard that is issued on the back of Synchrony Bank. You can get many benefits by obtaining TJX Reward credit card points. You need to visit the credit card page to see the lists of the rewards that you can get through the TJX Reward credit card. Let’s look at the steps that you have to follow to register for the TJX credit card in order to make a TJ Maxx bill payment.

Step 1: Registration for the TJ MAXX Credit Card

  •  Open a web browser to visit credit card application services.
  • Select the Apply Now Credit Card Application Page
  • After Clicking the Apply now tab, a new page will be opened and you need to provide the following information
    • name
    • address
    • telephone number
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • email address
    • Annual Net Income
    • Residence status; owner or the rental
    • Previous addresses
    • Statement Delivery Method
    • Date of birth
    • SSN
    • Mother Name
    • Select peace of mind options in case of unforeseen circumstances
    • You’ll see the rate of interests provided by the bank
    • Agree with the terms
  • After filling in this form, you need to click the Accept and Submit button at the end of the form.
  • You shall be directed to the confirmation page. Just read the all important details of the TJ Maxx credit card review section. That’s it, you have submitted the TJ Maxx credit card payment application successfully.
  • If you face any problem or you have any questions regarding your personal credit card services, do not fret.
  • Instead, pick up the phone and contact TJ MAXX Credit Card Customer Service, 1-877-890-3150 free number, available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Please remember that the Synchrony Bank is used for the purpose of solving credit card payment related questions.
  • Now, you have successfully applied for the rewards credit card and now earn rewards and pay off your bills.
  • You will receive your card in a couple of weeks after the approval processes online.
  • After receiving the card, the next step is to validate the account. Credit Card Application Information acquire page

Step 2: Login to the TJX Rewards Account and Validate

If you have made a new registration, then you cannot proceed to the TJ Maxx credit card login page. However, if this is your first time, go ahead and validate your TJMAXX account and do this by visiting the activate site and enter the following information:

  • Enter your account number and click the next. The account number is written on the front of your credit card.
  • After Entering the account number, you will be given an option to validate the account.
  • After validating the account, you would need to verify the following security questions:
  • Your mother name
  • SSN
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your credit card
  • Email address
  • After giving the security verification, you need to select an image to avoid the phishing and submit. That’s it you have successfully logged in for the first time in your account.

Step 3: Opt into Mobile TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx also offers a mobile version of their credit card site. Simply visit the credit card version of its website for the mobile users. Account Validation Page

Now, you have received the credit card powered by the Mastercard through Synchrony Bank. You have also validated your account by going through the first ever log in. The next step is to access your account to check your credit balance, your discounts and other rewards.

Step 4: Paying TJ Maxx Credit Card Account

  • Go to the login for your account details.
  • Click manage your account tab. Account Access Page

  • A new page will be opened where you need to enter the User ID. The user ID will be provided to you when you’ll get the card. Account Login Page

  • After giving user ID, you’ll be directed to an image; you just need to select an image to avoid the phishing.
  • After selecting the image, you would enter your password.
  • Click Submit and you have accessed your account.

Step 5: How to Pay with TJMAXX Credit Card

  • You are required to produce your TJMAXX reward credit card physically at the time of the shopping in any store of TJMAXX.
  • The Customer Services Manager will swipe your card and will give you a receipt to sign
  • The amount will be deducted from your TJMAXX Reward Credit Card
  • You will also receive an SMS at your registered number
  • Every time you swipe your card, all the rewards benefits will be accumulated in your account immediately.
  • Please remember that you cannot pay the bill through the internet you have to produce the TJMAXX Reward Credit Card physically every time you purchase.

Step 6: Guide for TJMAXX Credit Card Bill Pay

  • You will receive a monthly statement of your card and you can see the outstanding amount in the statement
  • If you cannot pay the full outstanding amount, then you have to pay a mandatory amount that will also be mentioned in your statement.
  • There are three methods that you can use to pay the outstanding bill of your credit card:
    • Pay through Cash such as a direct deposit from a bank wire
    • Pay through Cheque or money order
    • Pay through Phone

Step 7: TJ Maxx Bill Pay, Cash

  • You just need to visit any TJ Maxx Store
  • Ask the Customer Services Officer for the Credit Card Payment Voucher
  • Fill the credit card payment voucher and write you credit card number and name on it
  • Go to the teller and submit the voucher and the cash
  • The teller will give you a receipt after the successful transaction
  • That’s it, you have paid your outstanding bill
  • The next day, your TJMAXX Credit Card will be topped up again against the paid amount.

Step 8: TJ Maxx Bill Pay, Cheque or Money Order

The other option of paying the bill is through cheques. Synchrony Bank also accepts the cheques that are drawn on the US Financial Institutions and money orders.

  • You need to send the cheques or other instruments at the address given below:

Synchrony Bank
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013

  • An address is written in the statement where to send the cheques.
  • You can send the cheque of any bank as a payment.
  • Make sure to send the cheques 3 days before the due date because some time will be required to clear the cheques.

Step 9: TJ Maxx Bill Pay, Phone

Synchrony Bank also provides you with an option to pay the bill through the phone. However, keep in mind that you need to open an account in the Synchrony Bank to avail this facility. The other two options are for everyone whether you have an account in the Synchrony Bank or not but you need an account to pay through the phone. You need to follow the below steps to make the payment:

  • Call at the toll-free number 866-396-8254 from your registered number
  • The recording voice will give you several options, you need to listen carefully
  • Select the option of paying the credit card bill
  • The voice will ask you to dial the ID number
  • After verifying the ID number, the voice will ask you to dial the Tpin number.  The Tpin number will be provided you when you will register for the phone banking after opening the account. Tpin is a type of password that you will use for transactions through the phone.
  • The voice will ask you to dial the credit card number
  • Enter the credit card number and listen for the voice again
  • The voice will ask you to dial the amount that you want to pay
  • The voice will ask to dial 1 for the confirmation.
  • That’s it. you have paid your credit card bill through the phone.

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