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Shell Credit Card Bill Pay is Flexible and Easy

Setting things up for Shell account online is easy and well explained at First, make sure you know the types of online pay bill options that you have available, and only then do you run through the process.

This is how you can get started with paying bills online:

  1. Set up your payee. Your Shell credit card or loans are already in place for you as payees when you open an account. To set up your other payees, you’ll require your bill to find the business address and your account number. For your good, we’ve already entered data for hundreds of beneficiaries. We’ll also save all your information, so you don’t have to re-enter it next time.
  2. Arrange your payment. Tell us the amount you are willing to spend, and when you want the money to be drawn out of your Shell checking account. We’ll let you know how frequent to allow for each purchase- it’s usually up to 3 to 5 business days before you want the money to get there.
  3. Your payment is directly sent. We remove the money from your account and send it to the purchase/vendor, exactly as you directed. If you opt, we’ll send you an email saying that the payment has been sent.

You can also use Bill Pay to show your payment history and track how you spend your money, so you can look back a full year to monitor how much and when you paid each of your payees.

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Types of Online Shell Credit Card Bill Pay

Several different services providers are described as online bill pay:

  • Online bill pays offered by your bank (for Shell Citi-bank is appropriate)
  • Online bill pays offered by Shell

The first type is a service provider that sends money out of your checking account to whoever you wish. In many cases, the shell account online pay services will print a check and mail it to the recipient Shell is setup within the bank’s system; the bank just transfers the money electronically when you use account online bill pay (no check will be issued).

What you will probably need to set up this type of online bill pay is a copy of the expenses that your service provider sends to you. Set up a new recipient in the name of the business at your bank’s website. Copy your account number and address, along with any other necessary data needed to make a payment.

Each time you want to make a payment, you’ll just enter the amount of the bill, and that is it. The bank will print and send you a check that will pull funds from your account.

To be on the safe side, you should double check with your Shell account at payment;  see if they have specific instructions for receiving payments via account online pay bills. Some payees will not recognize the check (because it was printed by the account online pay bill service – it isn’t their official return mail piece).

They may ask you to use an alternative address, or they may provide other directions on how to go about it. As an alternative to calling for a guide, you can just try to transfer a payment and see how things work out – just do it carefully before your payment’s deadline so you can pay the alternate way if necessary.

The second type of account online bill pay (online bill pays offered by your providers) is a provider that will only allow you to pay a single company (your Shell company or auto insurer, for instance).

To set up account online bill pay with the Shell corporation, you’ll need to provide a voided check and a permission form to the Shell company (or you might be able to provide your checking account information online). The process is very like direct deposit, but it is called online bill pay.


  • How online pay Works

To get things up and to run, you’ll need to know how to access an account number for Shell credit cards at login. Remove the sticker from the card that had the data on it. Sign the back of the card that has your name on it.

And find routing numbers for your banking account. Once things are up and running, expenses go to your provider.

Automatic Online Bill Pay

If you like to automate things so that you don’t have to think about them, you can automate online bill pay. The Shell account online pay bill services will allow you to set up recurring payments.

For example, you can have the account online pay bill service to take care of your Shell bill your insurance every quarter or every month.

Another way you can let online bill pay run on autopilot is to allow Shell online payment to draw the money out of your account without clicking anywhere. In other words, the service provider just asks the online bill pay company for payment, and it is made without any action on your part. If you allow for this type of payments, then ensure that you have a good handle on your budget and available funds.

If your bill is the same amount monthly, you can make the whole process work without your involvement if you want. Tell us the amount to be paid and frequency, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can even make automatic payments when this amount due varies each month if you set up your recipient as an e-Bill (electronic version of your paper bill) in Bill Pay. We follow the rules that you set up – choose to pay the full amount, the minimum amount, or a sum you want.

Online bill pay can quite make your life simple. Once you embrace it, you can minimize loss payments and the amount of time you spend shuffling papers. Give online bill pay a try.

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