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New York & Company, Inc is a reputable manufacturer and seller of speciality items, clothing, and apparel for women. The company offers customers Runway Rewards credit cards which are issued by Comenity bank. This will be a guide to learn how to make payments for the nyandcompanycard.com Runwayrewards credit card.

Register Nyandcompany Card My Account

Registering for a Nyandcompanycard.com credit card account is an easy thing. Here is exactly what you should do:

Step 1: First visit nyandcompanycard.com login page.

Step 2: Click on register here in the login page as shown below
Register NYC card account

Step 2: Enter your credit card number followed by your zip code, and SSN details to find your account

Register credit card

Step 3: Create your username and password then enter your email and phone number.

Create NYC card account

Step 4: Complete the remaining steps an you have successfully set up a Nyandcompany card My Account.

Make a Payment – Nycompany Card Account Login

Cardholders have access to a free online service via Comenity bank portal. Assuming you have already registered your account, follow these nyandcompanycard.com login steps to access your account.

Step 1: Go to the nyandcompanycard.com payment through Comenity website

comenity nycandcardcompany login

Step 2: Enter your username followed by your password in their respective fields

Nyandcompany login

If the login details you entered are correct, you will be directed to the dashboard of your online account.

Make a Payment – Apply Nyandcompanycard Credit Card

Applying for a NY company card is a simple process that takes just a couple of minutes. Go to their website and do the following:

Step 1: Click on Nyandcompanycard Apply for My Account on the main menu

apply nyandcompanycard credit card

Step 2: Review the Terms and Conditions for opening an account before you proceed.

Step 3: Enter all the required personal information and contact information

NYC card personal details

Step 4: Complete the remaining steps by entering accurate details. If you so wish, you can add an authorized buyer during card application. Once your application is approved, you will be issued with a credit card that you can use to pay online or in store. The card also has numerous benefits which we shall look at below.

Make a Payment Nyandcardcompany Bill

Nyandcardcompany Pay Bill options include:

Pay bill online

Cardholders with Nyandcardcompany accounts can conveniently make onetime payments or schedule recurring payments. Simply log into your account the go to the payment sections. Make sure that you have your checking account number as well as routing number as well as account details before you make your payments. Online payments are accepted any day of the year and posted to your card instantly.

Pay on phone

You can conveniently pay your Nycompany credit card bill by phone. Payments via phone should be made before the close of business. Any payment made after work hours or during the weekend will posted to your account the next working day. Contact Nyandcompanycard Customer service free number 1-800-889-0494.

Pay in store

Is there a local Nycompany card store near you? You can also visit the store with your account details and pay via cash or debit card. Payment made in store is posted to your account instantly.

Take note that Nycardandcompany slaps customers who delay making payments with late fees. To avoid the fees, make sure that you settle the outstanding bill exactly the same day it becomes due. Go the nearest Nyandcompanycard Store using the online locator.

Send a check

Customers who want to pay via check can do so. Simply write your check and mail to the Nyandcompanycard address below.

Payment address:
Comenity Bank
P.O. Box 659728
San Antonio, TX 78265-9728

Remember to include your account details at the back of the check. Payments made by check are posted to your account the same day it is received.

Manage Nyandcompanycard Account Online

There are many things you can do once you register for Nyandcompanycard account. Some of the things you can do online include:

  • Pay bill at nyandcompanycard.com
  • Check and print monthly statements
  • Update personal or contact details
  • sign up for e-billing
  • make Nnyandcompany card payment

The good thing about having an online account is that cardholders can manage their accounts from their PCs, tablets or smartphones 24/7. All you need is internet.

Nyandcompanycard Rewards

Chances are you applied for your NYandcompanycard but don’t know what’s in store for you. You receive a $10 reward for every $200 that you spent on the credit card. Premier card members also enjoy a $20 bonus reward. The card works like cash and so you can combine it with NY Deals and coupons.

Contact Nyandcompany Customer Care

If you have issues with your card or would like to make inquiries related to bill payment, contact Nyandcompanycard customer care at 1-800-889-0494. They’re available Monday – Saturday from 8am – 9pm ET. You can also reach them via livechat. Automated customer care is also available 365 days. Self-Service Support is available 24/7. You can share your in store experience or find answers to FAQs by going to nyandccustomerservice.com.

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