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Kohl’s is famous for its shopping offers and high-end Kohl’s credit card services. Due to this, a large number of people hold a specialized Kohl’s Charge credit card. If you are also one of them, you can follow these instructions to complete your Kohl’s credit card payment. Remember, you can pay a maximum of $3,000 through one mode of payment. If your bill amount is more than that, you have to use another payment method or pay the remaining amount on a different day.

Make Kohls Online Bill Payments

The Kohl’s charge login page features all methods to make a Kohl’s bill payment. Please follow these steps to accurately make sure you correctly make a Kohls credit card payment.

  • Visit and explore the site page to learn more about the company including how to apply for a Kohl’s charge card. More about this can be found in the article below.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the register page for more information about activating your 12-digit credit card
  • Once you enter the site you will need your username and password for Kohl’s Charge card login
  • Click on ‘Submit’ button
  • Your Kohl’s com activate details will be sent to you at your registered email address. You can use these details for login in futuremy kohl's charge online bill

 Options: MyKohls Charge Card Online Bill Payment

In order to access myKohls bill payment options, you will need to go to the mykohlscharge login page. After Kohl’s credit card login done through the above mentioned instructions, you have a number of options to complete your Kohl’s card payment. Unfortunately, the company does not accept payments through credit cards at present. However, you can use your debit card to make a payment in-store or through the phone.

If you are paying your bill online through my Kohl’s Charge credit card login, you can do so through net banking, or by scheduling your bill payments for as much as 180 days in future. The company also has an AutoPay option, through which the bill amount is debited from your bank account automatically on the bill’s due date. Enrolling to this service is free, and you can set any of your savings, checking or money market accounts to pay my Kohl’s bill.

  • Complete your ‘my Kohl’s Charge’ login process by following the instructions mentioned above
  • Under the ‘Payments’ tab, you will find a ‘Manage AutoPay’ option
  • Click on this option to set your Kohl’s Charge AutoPay

In addition to selecting the AutoPay option, subscribing to the paperless statements is also a wise step to take, as it saves paper and avoids unwanted clutter in your home or office.

Kohl’s Charge Account Pay Bill by Telephone

Kohl’s Charge Account (855) 564-5748

Kohl’s operates an automated phone system at +1 (855) 564-5748, through which you can pay your Kohl’s bill over the phone. When you call this number, you have to enter your account number and bank routing number to complete your payment. Although it is a 24/7 available number, any payment that you make after 7 pm will be accepted only on the next working day.

If you want to speak to a company associate, you can call the same number between 7 am and 10 pm from Monday to Saturday, and between 9 am and 10 pm on Sundays. Make sure that you make your payment before 7 pm, otherwise, it will be accepted on the next working day. You can also use your debit card if you are paying your bill over the phone while talking to a live company associate. Any payments made before 11.50pm will be credited on the same day.

Send in Your Kohl’s Charge Bill Payment by Mail

You can send your payment check or money order to the Kohl’s payment center at the following address:

P.O. Box 2983
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

For all Customers residing in AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA and WV can send their payment check to the following address:
P.O. Box 30510
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

Make Kohl’s In-Store Payment

You can use cash, check, money order, debit card or Kohl’s Cares Card to make a payment at a Kohl’s Store. Any cash or check payment is credited on the same day.

Kohl’s Pay Bill App

By downloading the Kohl’s Pay app on your smartphone, you don’t need to carry your Kohl’s card everywhere. You can use this app to pay your bill in a store at the checkout. With this app, you can store all your Kohl’s cash, rewards, discount codes, gift codes and others on your smartphone, and use them to avail special offers during your purchase. It has a Store Tools feature with which you can scan the barcodes of the products that you like, and see which special offers are available on them.kohls payment center

Use Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You Rewards

You can avail the Yes2You Rewards program, through which you earn one point for every dollar you spend at Kohl’s, and receive $5 for every 100 points that you accumulate. To sign up to this rewards program, you have to download their app, complete your Kohl’s credit card payment login process, and enroll. By enrolling in this program, you also become entitled to receive assured 8 savings every year, special birthday gifts, additional bonus points, rebates, free shipping and other special my kohl's bill

My Kohl’s AutoPay online bill autopay

  • Enrollment for the MyKohls online AutoPay is FREE for all Kohls charge card holders.
  • First you must register your account via My Kohl’s charge login page.
  • Any financial institution can be used within the 50 United States, as long ias it is a verified checking, savings, or money market account
  • Do not forget to confirm all ACH payments with your bank establishment
  • My Kohl’s Charge Login site
  • Select the “Payments” drop bar
  • Select the “Manage AutoPay” tab

Register for Kohls Paperless Statements

This is a very easy process that will take you less than a few minutes so if you are interested in eliminating paper statements from your regular post services in order to receive only electronic reminders, follow these steps. paperless statements

    • Enter the paperless statements website
    • User your mouse to click on the Account Maintenance tool from the bar above
    • Select Paperless option preference
    • Select the box to receive only electronic reminders and statements via email
    • Provide your email address properly to this part of the Kohls payment center
    • Read the agreement
    • E-sign the disclosure
    • Use your mouse to click on the Submit button
    • You will have electronic reminders only for your Kohls Online Bill Payment

Apply Kohl’s Charge Card

      • On the same page, you will find an ‘Apply Now’ button
      • Click on that button
      • You will be redirected to
      • If you have a personal offer code, enter it in the space provided and click on ‘Submit Code’ button. Otherwise, click on ‘Apply Now’ button
      • A Kohl’s Charge application form will open, where you have to fill up the required details and submit

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