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Boscov’s offers a variety of men and women accessories. Boscov’s is an online store and it has a facility of its own credit cards for the loyal customers to make the shopping payments and get rewards. Boscov’s has a contract with the Comenity Bank. Initially, Boscov’s credit cards were issued by the Capital One Bank. Customers should make sure that now the Boscov’s credit cards are being issued by the Comenity Bank.

As the Bank has been changed, Boscov’s credit card bill payment methods are also changed. Those customers who have Boscov’s Credit Card should read the full article to know that which methods they can use to pay the bills of Boscov’s Credit Card. If you don’t have a Boscov’s credit card, then let’s have a brief look at getting a Boscov’s credit card.

Apply For A New Boscov’s Credit Card

You can apply for a Boscov’s credit card either by visiting the website of the Comenity Bank or Boscov’s. Let’s see how you can apply for the new credit card:

  • Go to the link www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs
  • Click on Apply at the bottom of the page
  • You can also visit the link www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs to get direct access
  • Click Apply Now on the opened page
  • Next page will enquire some personal and financial information

Note: you have to read the terms and conditions thoroughly and check the box if you agree

  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page

Your application will be analyzed by the Comenity Bank and your Boscov’s credit card will be delivered in a couple of weeks if approved by the Comenity Bank.

Activate Credit Card

After receiving the credit card, you have to activate the credit card by calling at the help line of the Comenity Bank. The help line number of the Comenity Bank is 18006755685

Now, you have received the credit card and have activated the credit card. Following are the methods that you can use to pay the bills of Boscov’s credit card:

  1. Pay Bill Online
  2. Pay Bill by Autopay
  3. Pay Bill by Phone
  4. Pay Bill by Cheque
  5. Pay Bill by cash through Boscov’s Store

Note: before discussing the online method of bill payment, you must have to register for the online payments. This is one-time activity and you’ll get many benefits of online payments. You can pay 24 hours 7 days a week. You can pay the online bill even in the holidays.

How Can I Access the Online Payment System?

Go through the below-given steps to register for the online access:

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs registration

  • The next page will ask the information:
  1. Credit card number
  2. Zip code
  3. Social Security number

Click Find My Account at the bottom of the page

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs find my account

  • The next page will ask the information such as:
  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Security questions
  4. Answers to the security questions
  5. Email Address
  6. Mobile number
  • Click confirm at the end of the page

You’ll receive an email from the Boscov’s as a confirmation of the registration.

Pay Bill Online

After getting access to the online payment methods, the next step is to pay the bill online. You can get the access through the website of Boscov’s or through the Comenity Bank’s website.

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs pay bill

  • Click Sign In on the next page

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs Sign iN

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs usename

  • Click the Payments at the top of the page
  • Clik Pay the Credit Card Bill
  • Next menu will need the information as:
  1. Credit card number
  2. Amount that you have to pay
  3. Bank account number
  4. Bank routing number
  5. Type of account
  • Click Submit at the end of the page

Note: Amount will be deducted from your bank account and will be paid for the credit card bill.

Setting an Autopay Option for the Bill Payment

You can set an autopay option for recurring payments. The benefit of the option is that bills will be paid automatically every month. The following information is required to set an autopay option:

  1. Bank account number
  2. Bank routing number
  3. Type of account

Follow the steps as:

  • Visit hrsaccount.com/boscovs login
  • Click Pay Bill Online at the bottom of the page
  • Click Sign in at the bottom of the page
  • Write your username and password
  • Click Sign In
  • Go to the Payments option
  • Click Autopay
  • The next page will ask the information that is described above
  • Select the date
  • Write the amount such as minimum amount, full amount or the amount that you set
  • Click Submit

Note: you’ll receive an email of confirmation. Now, the amount will be deducted from your bank account every month automatically.

Pay Bill by Phone

Apart from online payment methods, you can also pay the bill of Boscov’s credit card through by phone in no time. The benefit of paying by the phone is that you’ll not need any internet and you can pay while travelling as well.

The following information will be required to pay through the phone:

  1. Bank account number
  2. Bank routing number
  3. Credit card number
  4. Amount to pay
  5. Type of account
  • You have to contact Boscov’s customer service free number 1 800 675 5685

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs contact number

  • Choose an option of bill payment
  • Voice will ask the information that has been given above
  • After entering the information, dial the confirmation digit

Note: you must have to call from your registered mobile number

Pay Bill by Cheque

The Comenity Bank gives an option of sending the cheques through courier. You must have to make a cheque/demand draft/money order in the name of Comenity bank. You’ll receive a credit form along with the statement. You have to fill the form to make the payment. Follow the below-given steps to make the payment through cheques:

  • Make a cheque in the name of Comenity Bank
  • Fill the form by writing your Name, credit card number, date, amount and sign the form
  • Send the cheque and form to the following address:
  • Comenity Bank
    PO Box 182273
    Columbus, Ohio 43218


  • Comenity Capital Bank
    PO Box 183003
    Columbus, Ohio 43218

www.HRSAccount.com/Boscovs address

Note: you must have to send the cheques at least two days before the due date. The reason is that cheques take a couple of days to get cleared. Otherwise, your payment will be counted late and you’ll be charged with interest.

Pay Bill by Cash through Boscov’s Store

You can also pay the bill of your Boscov’s credit card’s bill by visiting your nearest Boscov’s store. Boscov’s gives the facility of its credit card bills payment on all of its stores. You must have to make the payment at the store one day before the due date. Follow the below-given steps to make the bill payment through the Boscov’s store:

  1. Credit card number
  2. Amount that you have to pay
  3. Date
  4. You full name
  5. Sign in the form
  • Submit cash and form to the cashier
  • You can take a receipt for confirmation

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