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Before learning how to pay off your GEMoney Amazon account, know that www.gemoney.com Amazon today is being managed by the Synchrony Bank. Follow these 3 steps to start with the Amazon pay bill process:

  1. Apply For the Amazon.com Store Card
  2. Validate your GEMoney Amazon account through Synchrony Bank
  3. Make Amazon Credit Card Payment

Step 1: How to Apply for Amazon.com Store Card

Fill out the following requirements to become eligible for the card:

  • You are a USA resident
  • You have a U.S Social Security Number (SSN) or
  • U.S Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • You must be at least 18 years old

If you fulfil the above-given conditions, then you can proceed with the following steps to apply for the www.gemoney.com Amazon today

Amazon.com store card apply now

  • A new page will be opened, and you need to give your email/mobile number
  • Check the box “I am a New Customer”
  • Click Sign in using our secure server

Amazon.com store card email acquire page

  • The “About You” form will be opened and you need to provide the following details:
  • First name, middle name and last name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Date of birth
  • Net Annual Income
  • After giving the above details, click continue to next step tab

Amazon.com Store Card Information acquire page

  • After Clicking the continue to next step tab, Contact and Security form will be opened. You need to provide the following security details here:
  • Home Phone
  • Cell phone
  • Email Address
  • Mother name
  • Click continue to nex step tab

Be careful while giving the security information because this information is of paramount importance if you face any problem with your .

Amazon.com Security Information acquire form

  • After clicking continue to next step, an additional information page will be opened where you need to choose an option of delivery of statement method. Whether it should be through courier or through email
  • After selecting the options, you need to click continue to next step

Amazon.com store card additional information page

  • After clicking continue to next step, the final page will be opened. You just need to agree to the terms and conditions and click the Submit tab.

Amazon.com store card terms and conditions page

If it is approved by the Synchrony Bank, You’ll receive your card through courier within in two weeks.

Step 2: How to Validate the Amazon.com Store Card

  • After getting the Amazon Store credit card, visit
  • Enter the card number and zip and click continue
  • The next screen will ask you to send 4 digits code on your registered number
  • Click send the code. You’ll receive a 4 digit code on your registered number
  • Enter the 4 digits code and select next
  • Security questions, mother name and SSN, will be asked in the next
  • Answer the security questions and select an image to avoid the phishing.
  • Click Submit.

Now, you have validated your Amazon.com Store Credit Card successfully with the Synchrony Bank. The next and final step is to go www.gemoney.com/amazon login and make the credit card payment.

Step 3: Make the Amazon.com Credit Card Payment

You shall receive a statement of your credit card through the method that you selected at the time of the registration process. You shall find the last date of the payment and minimum amount that you must pay on the statement. Alternatively, you can find the due date and outstanding amount through . There are 4 options of making the Amazon.com Credit Card Payment. Let’s see on the payment options one by one:

1. Pay Amazon Store Card Online Through Synchrony Bank

You can make the payments online if you have opened a bank account with the Synchrony Bank. You shall be given two options; making a one-time payment and making a recurring payment. Let’s see one-time payment first:

One time Payment Method

  • Visit
  • Enter User ID and Password
  • Click on the Secure Login Tab

Amazon.com Credit card Login Page

  • After Amazon Store Card Login, click the Payments tab at the to of the page
  • A pop-up table will open, click Make a Payment Option
  • Enter the amount that you wish to pay. You must pay at least the minimum payment that is mentioned in your statement.
  • Enter your account number and routeing number
  • Verify your information
  • Click on Make a payment option.

That’s it. you have paid successfully through online payment method.

Recurring Payment Method

Recurring Payment method gives you a facility to pay the bills automatically from your account. You do not need to pay every month. You just set the options of either full pay, outstanding amount pay or half pay. The rest of the work is done automatically every month.

  • Visit
  • Enter User ID and password
  • Click on the secure login
  • After the login, Click the Payment option tab
  • A pop option will come, click on Enroll in Recurring Payments
  • Select the option of Minimum Payment, Outstanding Balance or Current Balance Option.
  • Select your bank account
  • Agree with the terms and conditions
  • Click the submit tab at the end

You shall receive an email that recurring payment has been established. You can cancel the recurring payment method any time you want.

2. Pay Amazon Store Card through Phone

If you have opened an account with the Synchrony Bank, then you can make a phone call to pay the Amazon Store Credit Card bill. Let’s see on the steps that you need to follow:

  • Call Amazon Customer Service free number 1 866 634 8379
  • Listen to the Voice carefully
  • Dial the option of making the Credit Card Payment
  • Enter the Amazon.com Store Card Number
  • Enter the Tpin. Tpin is a 4 digits password that is provided to the account holders of the Synchrony Bank for the Telephone Banking Transactions.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to pay
  • Voice will ask you to dial 1 for the confirmation.
  • Enter 1 for confirmation.
  • You shall receive an SMS of successful payment on your registered number

You have made the payment successfully.

3. Pay Amazon Store Card through Check

You can send the checks/money orders of any bank to the Synchrony Bank to pay the bills of the Amazon.com Store Card.

  • Enter the amount in the check that you want to pay
  • Sign the check
  • Attach the remittance slip that you received with your statement
  • Send the checks/money order to the following address:

Synchrony / Amazon, P.O. Box 960013, Orlando, FL 32896-0013.

You must keep in mind to send the check at least three days before the due date.

4. Pay Amazon.com Store Card with Cash

The most convenient and easiest way to pay the Amazon credit card bill is through cash.

  • Visit any branch of the Synchrony Bank
  • Take a credit voucher
  • Fill the credit voucher with the amount that you wish to pay
  • Give the credit voucher to the teller along with the cash
  • After making a successful transaction, the teller will provide you with a receipt

That’s it. You have paid the Amazon Credit Card bill.

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