www.Macys.com/PayBill Myonline Bill Payment Paying your Macy’s Credit Card is easy!

Macy’s is an online store that provides men and women related accessories. Macy’s has developed a large number of customer base with the passage of time. At the same time, for the convenience of the customers, Macy’s is issuing their own credit cards. Macy’s has introduced fast bill paying methods to pay the bills of Macy’s credit cards.

If you are worried about paying the bills of Macy’s credit card, then you must not get worried because I am going to show you the different methods that you can use to pay the Macy’s bills. Before, discussing the bill payments methods, let’s have a quick look on the way to apply for the Macy’s credit card:

Applying for the Macy’s Credit Card

You have to perform the below-given steps to get Macy’s credit card:


  • The next page will ask you some details such as your name, address, bank details, financial information and your social security number

www.Macys.com/PayBill details

  • Agree with the terms and conditions
  • Click submit application at the bottom of the page

You have applied for your Macy’s credit card now. Macy’s credit cards are being issued by the Citi Bank and these cards will only be used for the Macy’s. You cannot use these except Macy’s shopping.

How can I Activate the Card?

You’ll receive your card in two weeks if approved by the City bank. After receiving the card, you have to activate the card by visiting www.macys.com paybill free. You have to click on the activate link. It will ask you some security questions such as your name, credit card number, social security number and your mobile phone. After giving all the details, you have to click activate. Your card will be activated and you are able to purchase and make the bills paid.

www.Macys.com/PayBill actiavet

  • Create an Online Account to make the Online Payments

You must have to create an online account by going to the www.Macys.com/PayBill to make the online payments. Let’s have a look on the method to create an online account:

www.macys.com/paybill create

  • A new page will be opened and it will ask your name, last name, email address, date of birth and mobile number
  • After giving the all required information, you have to click create an account

Your account will be created and you’ll get a confirmation email at your registered email.

You have created an online account successfully and the next step is to make the payment online. Let’s have a look at the method of online payments:

Online Bill Payments of Macy’s Credit Card

You have to visit the Macy;s website to get an access to the online bill payment service.

www.Macys.com/PayBill sign in

  • Alternatively, you can also visit  to access the page directly
  • Write your email address and password
  • Click on the sign in button

www.Macys.com/PayBill sign

  • After signing in, you have to add your credit card first before making the payment
  • In your account section, you’ll see add a Macy’s Card, you have to click there
  • It will ask your credit card number, your name and your social security number
  • Click add the card
  • Click on my account
  • Click make a payment button
  • Write your bank details such as your bank account number, your bank routing number, and type of account
  • Write the amount that you wish to pay
  • Click the payment button

The amount will be taken from your bank account and it will be paid for your Macy’s credit card bill.

Setting up An Autopay Option Macy’s

On the other hand, you can also set up an autopay option to make the payments automatically. Autopay option is more convenient and recommended the mode of payment. It will be making the payments automatically and you’ll be sent an email of the payment every time.

  • Go to the 
  • Sign in to your account by writing username and password
  • Go to my account section
  • Click the autopay option
  • It will ask you your bank account number, bank routing number, and type of account
  • Set the amount that you wish to pay everytime such as partial or full payment
  • Click submit

That’s all, you have set an autopay option.

Pay Bill at the Macy’s Store

If you are not happy with the online system to pay the Macy’s credit card bill, then you can go to the Macy’s store and can make the payment there. However, you must have to remember your credit card number to make the payment. Additionally, if you find any difficulty to search a nearby store, then you can visit www.macys.com/mymacyscard pay bill to find your nearest store. You have to go through the below-given steps to make the payment:

  • Go to your nearest Macy’s Store
  • Ask the Customer Services representative for the bill payment
  • He will give you a form to fill
  • Fill the form by writing your name, your credit card number, amount that you want to pay, date on which you are paying and sign the form at the end
  • Give cash and the form to the customer services representative
  • He will make a transaction
  • He will give you a receipt of payment

That’s all, you have paid the bill by visiting your nearest Macy’s store.

Pay the Macy’s Credit Card Bill By Post

Macy;s have a variety of bill payment options. You can make the bill payment by sending the mail. Let’s see how you can make the bill payment by mail. You’ll receive an envelope with your statement. The address will be printed on the envelope where to send the cheques to make the payment.

You have to make a demand draft, cheque or money order in the name of Macy’s to make the payment. You have to fill the form that you will receive with your statement. You have to write your name, your credit card number, the date and sign the form. send the form along with the instrument to the given address. However, if you are unable to get the address, then you can send the cheques and forms to the following address:

  • Macy’s American Express Account Payments
    PO Box 9001108
    Louisville, KY 40290-1108
  • Macy’s Payments
    PO Box 9001094
    Louisville, KY 40290-1094

On the other hand, you can also make the express payment service. If you are using the express payment system, then you have to send the cheques to:

  • Express Payments
    Macy’s Payment Department
    6716 Grade Lane
    Bldg. 9, Suite 910
    Louisville, KY 40213

Pay the Macy’s Credit Card Bill by Phone

You can pay the Macy’s credit card bill by phone. Let’s see how can you pay the bill by phone:

  • Call the Macy’s customer services helpline 1 888 257 6757
  • Choose the option of paying the credit card bill
  • the voice will ask you to dial your bank details such as bank account number, bank routing number, and type of account
  • Write the amount that you wish to pay
  • Confirm the transaction by dialing the confirmation digit

That’s it, you have paid the bill by phone. However, you must use your registered mobile number to make the payment. You can also visit m.macys.com pay bill to see the other phone numbers for different departments.

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